Ecliptic Sight Podcast: One Dollar Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: One Dollar Edition is a mix by intercontinental DJ headpiece747 with albums that he acquired from the pass $1 dollar sale. This is something of a first for DJ headpiece747 because he not only gives us a tracklist, this mix has vocals on every song and he did it all sober?! Is this a new frightful beginning for him or will he continue to deliver the drunk instrumental sets we have all come to love? I guess we will have to wait and see.

  1. Word Association – Identity Crisis
  2. Divine Universal – You Don’t Know The 1/2 Of This
  3. Verbal Threat – Back Stage Passes
  4. Travis Blaque – The Bachelors [RJD2 Remix]
  5. Sub-conscious – Apeshit!!! featuring Poison Pen
  6. Jean Grae – Going Crazy
  7. Rok One – Triple Homicide feat. Pumpkin & Ocean
  8. Breeze Brewin, DJ Eli, Sub-conscious – Good Combination
  9. Kice Of Course – Cruise
  10. Peeps Game Feat. Phil Tha Agony, Otherwize and Kontaijuss – Tragedy

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4 thoughts on “Ecliptic Sight Podcast: One Dollar Edition”

  1. Ecliptic Sight is amazing. I’m listening to $1 edition now and it’s real tight. Everything you guys do inspires me. I have an entire album that I would love to release as an ecliptic sight podcast. If you are interested head to: If not I am sorry to take away anyone’s time who’s reading this, I just really love this podcast and would like to contribute in some way.

  2. Yo Tobias, been tied up doing website work that I haven’t worked on any music. When that Analytics is complete, I will be hitting you up with the first listen. Keep up the dope work on the site.

    Sober mixing???? Nooooooo! LOL.

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