ESP Music Agenda: The Dirty Politicians

So it is another year with another new site design and another ESP Music Agenda. This one makes me proud because it comes from my brother Cardiac and his group, The Dirty Politicians. They are making moves in Bakersfield (Killer Kern), California and have opened up for some big names such as 2 Live Crew, Onyx, Sean Price, Rakaa , Afro Man, Tech N9ne, Sand People, Luckyiam, Sic Jacken, Keith Murray, and more. I have even put one of their songs, “Rockey Red Eyes on the Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Future Edition and one of their live show videos. So I have been waiting for this and now I can put the world on The Dirty Politicians album, “Dirty Architecture” on Bandcamp. If you have been missing that west coast music like I have then you will be happy to add this to your catalogue. With songs like, “Flip the Page” that talk about their trials and tribulations to, “West Up” you will been nodding your head until it falls off. With Merge on the beats, he is crafting music that is intoxicating that will make you appreciate real hip-hop again. I can not speak highly enough about The Dirty Politicians and their music. Cardiac and Merge have dropped the visuals for their song, “Cold Box” off the album, “Loose Leaf & Lead” on Youtube that is directed by Evil Duer of the group and it shows that their creativity doesn’t just stop at the music. So sit back and prepare yourself for The Dirty Politicians movement.

2 thoughts on “ESP Music Agenda: The Dirty Politicians”

  1. Saibot, thanks for the review I listened to their album and I got to say they are really good. Brother Cardiac has some chops. I love the old school fuse with a newer flow. That makes a style all their own.

    Saibot thanks for what you all do. You got mad s-killz

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