Blistering Xfire Custom Sigs

Well I talked about how great Xfire is and put up my profile with Xfire’s miniprofile. The miniprofile is accessible once you login to You can change the size and style but that is about it. There is only about four appearances with no way of customizing to your only style. After doing this you have the chance to place it on your website or forums. Xfire users were not happy with this and took it into their own hands. They created a sight called CXS (Custom Xfire Signatures). The first thing you need to do is register then right after you are taking to a page where you can customize everything from the fonts, placement, colors and backgrounds. That’s just scratching the surface because they have made it capable with and their audioscrobbler plugin that displays music that is currently playing through your computer’s music player of choice. My suggestion is to check the forums for any help and questions. I used the sight and created this for my first try with their tools:

Xfire is burning your IM

What if there was a way of founding your gaming friends online? Better yet there was a way of telling what game they are playing? On top of that being able to talk to them and then joining their server with the same game on your computer? Now you can with the semi-magical program of Xfire. Why is it only partly magical because I can not take away the magical styling of David Blaine, can I?! I do not know but this program does all the aforementioned and more. Download Xfire now before I combust…here is my profile.

Ecliptic Sight Redesign

Alright here it is the brand spanking new ultra spectacular totally different sight. Okay okay it looks almost the same but I have switched the format to My goal was to make it easier to post new articles and news and Blogger has made it a lot nicer. Before I had to manually archive, write, post, upload, change the format to html and then put it into the layout (Thats too much). Now with the new sight all I have to do is write and post it. Blogger will do all the rest and in return I will write a lot more, you know you want it! So read on and don’t worry all the old news and articles will be back up. So sit back, relax and get ready for the eclipse.