Phosphor FPS In Your Web Browser!

You won’t believe it until you try Phosphor. Launch your web browser and go to Phosphor Beta 1. Once there you may have to install Shockwave which is fairly fast. Then Phosphor starts to load up and it presents you with the standard WASD (W key forward, A key left, S key right, D key back) key layout for a first person shooter. I was amazed how smoothed the game ran and I went into settings then bumped up everything to high quality and still no lag. This is a nice little time killer when you can’t install games on your work or school computer. Time to get back to Phosphor, I mean work.

Phosphor Beta 1

Credit: crystalklear64 on the CAG forums

3 thoughts on “Phosphor FPS In Your Web Browser!”

  1. the game is very cool, but there is only one map and that’s the problem. but the game is very smooth and fast-paced, so i like it!

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