Free Legal Music 12

First the video and now the whole package. Turbo2k5 aka Turbo T. Double aka TSST brings you the “YupPackage“. It includes the YupYupYup song plus:

YupYupYup mp3 is now unlocked in the “YupPackage” which includes the following songs:
little blue backpack
Dear High School

1 thought on “Free Legal Music 12”

  1. I came across this guy’s Street Fighter raps on YouTube randomly and thought, “This guy is a lyrical genius. I bet if he rapped about something real he would be phenominal.” I downloaded the album he put a link up to and I was right. Pretty much all the tracks have a nice flow and they are all brilliant. Love the ad lib sprinkled throughout the tracks too. In terms of skill, F Soulja Boy and F P-Diddy, this guy eats them whole.

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