Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Future Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Future Edition is a extragalactic of definitive mass portions of lyrical goodness. It also has music, emcees and apes.

  1. Future Ape Tapes – No Reason Why
  2. Busta Rhymes – Takin What’s Mine
  3. Keith Masters – Matlock
  4. Oddisee – Intro
  5. Rhymefest – No Sunshine (Rhymefest) [prod. by Emile]
  6. Invizibl Men – Jimmy Swagger
  7. Kidz in The Hall – Never Forget
  8. The Dirty Politicians – Rock Red Eyes (Alaskan Husky Owner)
  9. Beretta 9 – Peace ft. Shogun Assasson
  10. Cool Calm Pete – Side Two (CCP Remix)
  11. BISC1 – Decompression rmx – Prod by Le Parasite
  12. Columbo Black – Dreams Within (Snippet)
  13. Pugs Atomz – Dark Clouds-2007
  14. Yesh – The Day Dreamer
  15. Inverse – So Far
  16. Future Ape Tapes – Concrete on the Big Screen

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3 thoughts on “Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Future Edition”

  1. I think that was your illest mix to date. I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks for using my instrumental as the intro and outro. Your brother’s group is tight and Busta should make sure he keeps making tracks like that!

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