Do You Like To Hulu?

Have you learned to hulu yet? Well why not it is easy and the best part it is free. Full length movies and television shows like “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and “Heroes” right at your computer streaming 24 hours a day. They are still adding new content partners which equals more shows for the viewer. They also offer RSS feeds to keep up with new shows or movies and embedding content on other websites which allows me to give you this full Simpsons episode.

With 19 seasons, the Simpsons still have the magic with this “Departed” inspired show entitled the “Debarted”. I will not spoil the ending but it is classic observation.
Simpsons Departed

1 thought on “Do You Like To Hulu?”

  1. This episode was classically done!

    Yo, I got to kick it with Jason(Mindstate) and Brandon this weekend in BAK. Blindsided Views with Old Crews…could be a title for something…

    I need a verse from you. I’m making a BLS track with all the Blinded Men I can get a hold of. Kevin(Krycis) just found me on myspace too. Get at me!


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