ESP Music Agenda: Bigg Jus

One thing I always worry about is when a group breaks up or want to put out solo albums is that one artist gets the shine and releases more music. It happened to Dilated Peoples with Evidence, Vast Aire and countless others putting out multiple albums while their counterparts Rakaa, Vordul Mega and others put out one or two at the most. This happened when Company Flow went separate ways with El-P making his label with a sudden stream of albums with Bigg Jus starting a label and putting out two solo albums and two collaborative albums but then he seemed to slow his output. Well all of his can rejoice because he is back with a single called, “Advanced Lightbody Activation“. It is that futuristic on the next level music that you expect from the King Spitter himself. Not only that we found out he is releasing an album called, “Machines That Make Civilization Fun” on May 8, 2012 and with a title like that you can only imagine what he is cooking up for his fans. If you go to the Mush Records’ (the label putting out his new album) Sound Cloud page you are enticed with the new sound that will hitting your ear lobes. I am ready to hear some new material from the Bigg Jus and had to let everyone know about this one. Check out the artwork for Machines That Make Civilization Fun below:

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