Comic Book Frame Wall

So I have a baby on the way and was setting up the room and I was trying to figure what I was going to do with the walls. My wife came up with the idea to put up comic books on the wall because I like superheroes. So the first thing I did was do a Google search for, “comic book frames” and the first item that came up was, “Ikea Comic Book Photo Frame Hack | Youseph Tanha“. It detailed how Youseph used $1.99 frames from Ikea to add his comic books to his wall and it made a great look. I kept reading and he would put up updates on his readers using his idea. There was one update from Brilliantly Easy blog that said that Dollar Tree has $1 frames that they used to accomplish the same concept. This was perfect because I have a Dollar Tree and I went and found these, “Black Plastic Photo & Document Frames, 8.5×11” and bought 20 of them for my project. All in all I am satisfied how my comic book frame wall came out and thank the wifey, websites and authors for the inspiration.

Click each image to see larger image on Art by Ecliptic Sight:
Comic Book Frame Wall 5

Comic Book Wall 15

Arrival Of The Merch Girl

So my package has arrived of Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl by Murs and Josh Blaylock. If you need it a refresher of what this is then check out the successfully funded Kickstarter page for more information. I ordered the package with the T-shirt and picked the art of Jim Mahfood with his envisioning  of Yumiko. Included in the delivery was a download card with the album and comic digitally, a hard cover of the graphic novel and the Murs & Foundation CD. I was waiting to get the physical comic to read it but it looks great with the artwork of Jose Garcia with a quick flip through. The Murs & Foundation album is just what you thought it would be, nice with all the songs complimenting the graphic novel. Click on the image to see a larger version at Art by Ecliptic Sight.

Incredible Katamari Hulk?

Found this nice piece of work by Fennewalde on DeviantArt called, “We :RAWR: Katamari”. It combines my favorite comic book character the Incredible Hulk with my favorite game Katamari Damacy. He uses pencil and photoshop to illustrate the Hulk going berserk in the Katamari world. Here is what the artist has to say about his work:

somewhere, deep within the deepest part of the Hulk’s subconscious, Bruce Banner is saying:
“Oh! Katamari!
I love Katamari!”

To see a larger image click on the image below.

We :RAWR: Katamari by ~Fennewalde on deviantART

ESP Music Agenda: Bigg Jus

One thing I always worry about is when a group breaks up or want to put out solo albums is that one artist gets the shine and releases more music. It happened to Dilated Peoples with Evidence, Vast Aire and countless others putting out multiple albums while their counterparts Rakaa, Vordul Mega and others put out one or two at the most. This happened when Company Flow went separate ways with El-P making his label with a sudden stream of albums with Bigg Jus starting a label and putting out two solo albums and two collaborative albums but then he seemed to slow his output. Well all of his can rejoice because he is back with a single called, “Advanced Lightbody Activation“. It is that futuristic on the next level music that you expect from the King Spitter himself. Not only that we found out he is releasing an album called, “Machines That Make Civilization Fun” on May 8, 2012 and with a title like that you can only imagine what he is cooking up for his fans. If you go to the Mush Records’ (the label putting out his new album) Sound Cloud page you are enticed with the new sound that will hitting your ear lobes. I am ready to hear some new material from the Bigg Jus and had to let everyone know about this one. Check out the artwork for Machines That Make Civilization Fun below:

Arkham Gears Battle Of Duty

Wonder why posting has slowed to a crawl here on Ecliptic Sight. Blame it on the games, Batman: Arkham Asylum (playing the the first one because I already bought Arkham City), Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I will try to keep up but with the holidays in full swing and great games coming down the pipeline it will be hard to juggle everything. To bad they can not mash up video games so we did not have to buy so many…

© 2011  ~cKL-Design on deviantART

Copperthistle Starts Anti Biters Coalition

Let me start off by saying all the art below does not belong to myself or Ecliptic Sight. All rights and artwork is by digital artist known as Copperthistle on Deviant Art. I put that disclosure at the top because it seems he has a problem with biters (people that steal his work without giving credit to him). So he transformed it into art by starting the Anti Biters Coalition.

The concept works well with his hip-hop inspired work which also has a lot of biters in the industry. Here Copperthistle transforms MF DOOM into a zombie with the dark colors flowing into the haunting image of him devouring human remains.

Little Work Makes Big Design

I first witnessed Juart Little’s impressive work at DeviantArt and was taken back by his use colors and expressions. He definitely chooses some of my favorite artists to give his interpretation through his designs. Little has drawn Aesop Rock, Cypress Hill, Planet Asia, Afu-Ra, Pharaohe Monch, RZA, Tash, Immortal Technique and many others giving the underground hip-hop some shine. Juart’s art does not stop at hip-hop and his work goes from tattoo designs to fonts and much more. His website at displays his work in a simple but elegant way to let his designs become the focal point.

Hard to pick one but this is my favorite from his work:

© 2011 Juart Little