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Killer Bean Forever
Do you know what Killer Bean is? Well it is a bean that kills other beans but if I put it that plain and simple it may sound tripe. Killer Bean is created by years of blood, sweat and tears from Jeff Lew. He is a one man 3D guru, who renders high quality graphics all by himself. Well if you have been wondering what he has been up to then here is the answer: Killer Bean Forever.

Say It Again, Fifteen Masters For The Win!

Original post said, “Fifteen Masters For The Win!” and that has come to pass.

Grand Prize Winner 2 Prize:
Direct their movie in Hollywood on a brand new notebook powered by Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology.
Kristopher Evans, Los Angeles, CA
Fifteen Masters

Just as I predicted and as I said he deserves it because he has been doing it for awhile. So congratulations and make your hit movie already.