See Today It Will Be Soulcrate Music

I love it when I stumble across music like this. I was on Fifth Element to see if they had pre-order on the new Evidence album. On the front page I saw an album cover for a group I have never heard of. They are called Soulcrate Music and the album is, “The Kick Rocks Collection” and I clicked the link to see what they were about. So I ventured to YouTube to see if I could find their videos and was greeted with this one called, “See Today” off their album I mentioned above. So I thought I would share a new group I discovered so you can do the same.

Stones Throw Inspires Music Videos

Stones Throw does a lot for music such as dropping the latest Madlib track or delivering the soulful crooning of Aloe Blacc. Now it looks as if Stones Throw will be responsible for more music video content. With their 15 year anniversary, they decide they wanted the fans to get involved by having a video contest. With the vast catalog of Stones Throw aspiring music video directors only had thier own creative stopping them. The contest is now over and Stones Throw will be announcing the winners soon but you can still see all of the entries on Stones Throw’s Vimeo page. Here are some of my personal favorites but there are so many more to check out:

Even Zombies Get Down to Dilla

J Dilla / Dilla Says Go

Last Donut of the Night

Nas & Damian Marley Teaches Sabali

So you may remember Nabil Elderkin from the Homeboy Sandman music video that I posted awhile ago. Well now he takes it to the next level and grabs one of my favorite songs from Damian Marley & Nas are Distant Relatives album called, “Patience”. Nas has always been a visual lyricist weaving his words to paint pictures in your mind and Damian Marley comes with his deep rooted soundscape to collide with Nas’ wordplay. The result is one of best collaborations to happen in music. Nabil Elderkin infuses visuals and camera work that compliments their music perfectly making it a masterpiece. So are you ready to watch the video click the image below to watch.

If that video capture doesn’t make you want to watch then I don’t know what will.

Directed and shot by:
Editor: Eric Greenburg
Post/artwork: Gustavo & Clara
Producer: Nabil
add Prod: Kathleen Heffernan
thx: kathleen Heffernan, Marc Antoine, Jodie Smith, Sheku

Ecliptic Sight Review: Unthinkable

The movie, Unthinkable poses the question, how far would the United States go to protect itself from a terrorist? To answer the question is Samuel L. Jackson as the mysterious interrogator/torturer simply known as “H”. He is brought in with Carrie-Anne Moss as FBI agent Helen Brody to locate the nuclear devises that Michael Sheen aka Steven Arthur Younger/Youssef in the movie has planned in three urban cities across America. What happens next is a series of events revolving around the three interlocked and pushing each other to the limit. Youssef tries to keep quiet while H goes to town with Agent Brody trying to location the devises before H goes to far. The thing that makes this movie a must see is the way Samuel L. Jackson tackles the character H with a vicious portrayal and deeming everything he does is for the greater good. One quote from the movie that sums up his take on this is:

That man over there killed 53 people, some of them women and children and yet somehow I am the villian.

Carrie-Anne Moss steps in to play the softer side of the government and tries to use less evasive techniques. Michael Sheen shows a sinister calm while being put through the ringer by H. Overall the pace, the storyline and characters will keep you guessing until the end. Unthinkable will make you question yourself and make you wonder what you would do in this situation and maybe leave you without the answer.

Paul Robertson Vs. Scott Pilgrim

Paul Robertson has been one of my favorites ever since I have seen his video, “Kings of Power 4 Billion %“. His artwork and videos have always made me think he should make a video game. Well I guess someone else thought so to because he has done the artwork for “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game” in all its 8-bit glory. If this game does not take you back to being a kid then you were a sad child and you need to go buy a old NES or something. All I can say is go watch the video below and then go get in on the Playstation Network or Xbox Live.

Spend The Day With Madlib

While downloading, “Madvillian – Papermill” like instructed to by Stones Throw, I missed this Madlib interview the first time. I saw it because I went back to see what the next week single was and I spotted it the second time at the bottom of the page. Madlib touches on a couple of topics including Madvillian, Stones Throw and his music. Go watch it and find out more about our favorite producer.

Bonus Video: Madlib Espresso

Setting The Tone For Medal Of Honor

I haven’t put up a game trailer in awhile (I believe the last one was Bioshock). I enjoy when the tone or atmosphere of the game is set by the game trailer. Medal Of Honor: Leave A Message does just that. I could describe the trailer but it will take away from the feeling that you may get from seeing the trailer yourself. With E3 just around the corner, hopefully there will be more information and gameplay of Medal Of Honor. Maybe this can stop my addiction to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.