The Kaze Is Strong Today

Kaze To Desktop is best explained by the creators:


Watch the video to see it in action and witness the awesome power of the kaze brought to your desktop.

Vigil: Blood Bitterness Demo

Loaded up Steam the other day and was presented with the Vigil: Blood Bitterness demo. It catch my eye because of the black and white characters and environments. So I took the plunge and downloaded the demo through Steam. The intro movie definitely puts you into a dark and gloomy world where it will be up to the main character to sort everything out. The sinister sounding voices just add to this shadowy game. The game play is accessible because Vigil is controlled by the mouse with the left click moving the character and the right click is used to open passages and pray. You read that right you get to pray in this game in certain areas with the character dropping to his knees and chanting some ominous words to unlock secrets. Overall the Vigil: Blood Bitterness demo was impressive with its own style and intriguing story that will pull you in.


Online Image Resizer Timesaver is now officially my home for resizing images online. If you have a jpeg on your desktop and need to resize or crop it fast then check this sight out. It is a lot easier then loading up photoshop to do simple cropping or resizing. As an added bonus the outputted files are smaller than what photoshop produces. I use it for my screenshots all the time. With all the time you save you can discover more…

AM-DeadLink: Bookmarks Obey

AM-DeadLink will break the disobeying bookmarks that clutter your internet browser. What AM-DeadLink does is simple it will search and locate duplicate bookmarks and give the option of destroying them. AM-DeadLink is freeware and work with Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox (My current favorite). If that was all it did it would be enough for me because that is what I needed but it does stop there. AM-DeadLink will also go through your bookmarks and check if the links are dead hence the name. Also a little bonus I found great was that it will update your favicons (the icons next to the sight) in the bookmarks. Works as advertised and it is free so what are you waiting for? On a sidenote: AM-DeadLink helped reduce 700 bookmarks to about 300 bookmarks.