I AM 8-BIT: version 2.006

Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight will be host of the second annual I AM 8-BIT nicely dubbed, verison 2.006. I AM 8-BIT: version 2.006 is an art show that lets over hundred artists give their interpretation of 1980’s video games through different media. It varies from canvas to t-shirts to cloth and last year there was even a Pac-Man grenade. Now if you can imagine that then you will enjoy this pixel parade of people’s perception. The show begins April 18th and will run until May 19th, 2006. More information can be found at iam8bit.net and nineteeneightyeight.com and to wet your appetite as what is in store here is a wallpaper from iam8bit.net. Is that who I think that is?

I AM 8-BIT: Emroca Flores

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