Big Sword, Bigger Hair and Biggest Stars

Afro Samurai will slash its way on to Spike TV with the help of some heavy hitters in the movie and music industry. Samuel L. Jackson will the voice the lead role of Afro Samurai while RZA will score the soundtrack of the show. Afro Samurai definitely has a unique and strong art direction that will fusion Hip-Hop, technology and samurai swordplay. The Afro Samurai sight has this to say about the show, “After watching his father die in a duel against an unbeatable villian known only as ‘Justice’, young Afro fixes his life on the study of the sword and revenge.” Sounds like Afro Samurai has all of the elements to be a great show.

Afro Samurai

Free Legal Movie

Elephants Dream
Elephants Dream the first “open movie” has generated a buzz because they give the viewer access to everything from production files, downloading the movie and soundtrack, and more. Elephants Dream is a 3D animation that was created with a program called Blender and developed by the Orange Open Movie Project studio in Amsterdam. As far as the animation goes Elephants Dream does a great job of delivering interesting characters and highly detailed environments. So go with a open mind to the first open movie.

Elephants Dream

Barkley Plus MTV Equals A Pit?

The 2006 MTV Movie Awards Preview (No Spoilers)
I received my tickets to go to the MTV Movie Awards through Gnarls Barkley. How you might ask? Well I was at the Gnarls Barkley sight and saw that they had a MySpace sight also (like everyone else in the universe) so I clicked the link. In their MySpace blog it had info of being in the pit audience for the MTV Movie Awards. So I filled out the info and in a couple of days got the tickets. Anyone going to the awards next year and want to be in the pit, I suggest to wear comfortable shoes because I had to stand from 3:30 pm through 10:30 pm.

Jessica Alba was hosting the show this year and I think she did a good job. I have really not seen her do much comedy but some of her skits and lines were pretty funny. The second thing that stood out about Alba was how skinny she looks in person and for that matter most of the female celebrities. The pairing of some of the presenters lead to some funny moments because of the different personalities. One moment that comes to mind was Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx the stars of the upcoming Miami Vice because being in the pit I could actually see the teleprompter and Jamie Foxx was not reading a word from it. Colin Farrell was trying to stay with it but Jamie Foxx kept going off and it was hilarious. Another moment came from Ludacris and Rosario Dawson and what Ludacris says right before they open the envelope. Samuel L. Jackson came out by himself and was just as cool as ever. Most of the winners and presenters were in top form and had me laughing at celebrities that I did not think were comical before.

There were three musical performers at the MTV Movie Awards: Christina Aguliera, Gnarls Barkley and AFI. Christina Aguliera’s set was less pop than ever before and I will give her credit to her peformance, dancers and band really put in work. Did this make me a Christina Aguliera fan? No but it was entertaining. Gnarls Barkley was the artists that I came to see and they did not disappoint. Their set was a spacey fantasy (you will know what I mean when you see the show) and had everyone clapping and dancing. Try to figure out which one is Danger Mouse when you see the show. Cee-lo sounds as good as he sounds on record if not better. Gnarls Barley was definitely a highlight of the show for me. I have to admit that I did not know who AFI was going into the show but they had a lot of fans there. The people in the pit even had to make a costume change for their performance. AFI made their presence known by putting in a lot of energy into their set. A behind the scene moment from AFI that was cool for the pit was that the drummer gave his sticks to a couple of their fans. Some more behind the scene moments from the show was Jessica Alba shouting out, “Flavor Flav!”, Rosario Dawson doing a little dance, LL Cool J getting pawed by a lot of females, Keanu Reeves trying to get water for the pit and Will Ferrell rubbing some guy’s bushy hair ever so gently.

The 2006 MTV Movie Awards was a great experience overall and has me excited to see how it turns out because they shot the show out of order. The 2006 MTV Movie Awards will air June 8th at 9:00 pm. See you there.

Still Free On Air Force One

Although this was an elaborate hoax, Marco Ecko has done something that would have put him in the hall of fame for graffiti. He has tagged the U.S. President’s Air Force One jet with the words, “Still Free”. Well not the actual Air Force One jet but one that was painted to look exactly the same. A second video on his sight explains what his motivation was. It seems Marco Ecko a graffiti artist turned clothes designer/game developer (Marco Ecko’s Getting Up) feels that his rights are being trampled upon. He has recently went to court against New York’s governor to defend his first amendent rights. He feels that America needs to be able to express themselves in which ever media they so chose. Whether you think it is wrong or right it definitely says alot about our rights and the way America handles things.

iZilla The Media Munching Monster

Over at you can own the ultimate portable media center on Earth. It is called iZilla Digital Media Monster and it is better than all other portable players. Not convicted alright lets highlight some of iZilla’s specifications:

  • 2 Terabytes of storage (2000GB)
  • Plays all types of video and audio media (Divx, MP3, DVD, CD, Vinyl)
  • Rips video and audio from DVD, CD, iPod and Vinyl (That’s right records/wax whatever you call it)
  • 7″ LCD Touchscreen
  • 5.1 Surround Sound

It can do a lot more and can be found at for $800 price tag.

iZilla Media Monster

Credit: Found by Zend999 via

Edit: Happy April Fool’s Day (a couple days late).

AntiFlow Teaser Trailer

What do you get when you mix an evil cyborg, animation and Hip-Hop? The answer is in the title, the AntiFlow teaser trailer of course. A battle is about to ensue in the land of Hip-Hop and the only one to save us is Element. This is just a stepping stone of what is coming in the near future and you can be at the ground level. Alright, watch the trailer and decide if you will observe the path of light or dark? (Do you like how I tied that into my sight, brilliant no?!)

AntiFlow Teaser Screenshot