Major Daggering Video

I have to admit that the first time that I saw this style of dance was from my boy Killah Beast (Harlem!) , who labeled it “Jamacians Going Crazy! (unofficial name)”. Major Lazer has brought, “Daggering (official name)” back to my attention with its animated infused wildness.

Artist: Major Lazer
Song: Pon De Floor
Album: Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do

Major Lazer Pon De Floor Video

Straight from Skerrit Bwoy (main blonde mohawk guy):

CAUTION: do not try this at home, or in a club, you most likely will get hurt. but this is the new way to dance to reggae music. its called “DAGGERING” and will be premiered to the world by director Eric Wareheim, for the Major Lazer project by Diplo & switch. Look out… it just might be coming to a town near you.

Ecliptic Sight Review: Willie Green – …Of Heroes And Villains

…Of Heroes And Villains by Willie Green opens up to a noble harmony that will capture its audience with smooth and laid back tones for the opening two songs. Just then it takes, “A Turn For The Worse” with a haunting rhythm giving use a glimpse at the darker side of Willie Green. Each new song builds up the constant struggle, “…Of Heroes And Villians” to dizzying and awestruck of musical pleasure. By the time you are at the “Entermission” you don’t understand just how it will all play out. But wait here is “The Twist” to throw you off balance to the normal beatmakers that we are use to. Willie Green delivers us his musical child and if I had to pick one as my favorite kid it would be the, “Final Showdown”. The last two songs on the album have Nasa taking the helm on the first with billy woods closing out the album with perfect delivery. Also proving that the beats are emcee friendly. Willie Green’s …Of Heroes And Villains fluently blends cartoon soundbites with his own intricate instrumentals to give an enjoyable listen.

Willie Green-...Of Heroes And Villains Album Art

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Murs Digital Barrage

This started out as a check out Murs’ video for his song called, “The Science” (check it out below) but turned into a check out all these videos and other stuff.

Artist: Murs
Song: The Science
Directed by: Erick Peyton

Murs - Science Video

Murs puts out a three part video series with Roxy Reynolds:

Artist: Murs
Song: Me And This Jawn
Directed by: Van Styles

Murs-Me And This Jawn: Video

Artist: Murs
Song: A Part Of Me
Directed by: Van Styles

Murs-A Part Of Me: Video

Artist: Murs
Song: Break Up (The OJ Song)
Directed by: Van Styles

Murs-Break Up (The OJ Song): Video

So now you want the album, “Murs For President” after seeing all the videos, right?! Well here you go to get a digital copy with a exclusive Murs Boxing game for the PC or Mac.

Murs Game With MP3s

This just proves that he is the hardest working emcee in the business.