Amazon Called Quest The $2.99 Theory

Amazon MP3 Store knows how to make me spend my hard earn money on music by having crazy low prices. I have been on a mission to replace all the music I use to have on cassette tape or lost/stolen compact discs. Amazon is helping out because right now they are having a limited time sale on mp3s for $2.99. My favorite on the list that I didn’t have was, “A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory“. It has arguably one of the most recognizable Tribe song that everyone knows called, “Scenario” but I just could not wait to hear the whole album again. If you don’t have this in your collection or like me need to get put it back in your collection then this is the perfect time to pick it up.

Other recommendations that are $2.99 that I own:
Kanye West – Graduation
Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Jay-Z – The Blueprint


Machines That Make Civilization Fun

The title of Bigg Jus new album, “Machines That Make Civilization Fun” puts a smile on my face because it can be interrupted in so many ways. Well you do not have to wonder what the title means anymore with Culture King sitting down with the King Spitter to explain the album title as well as other things on his mind. He touches on everything from his graffiti, Company Flow, to the way he makes music and more. If you read ESP Music Agenda: Bigg Jus then you know I was looking forward to his release. I picked it up at Mush Records digital store and let me tell you Bigg Jus does not disappoint as always.


If the post title did not grab your attention then this surely will because El-P will be dropping a new album. The album is called Cancer for Cure or C4C for short and will include his much sought after single, “Drones Over Bklyn” first established by the Adult Swim Singles Program website.  The album will drop on May 22, 2012 but if you did like I did and purchased the G-Money Deluxe (that includes both El-P – Cancer for Cure Vinyl Super Deluxe and the El-P produced Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music Vinyl Deluxe Package) then you could be listening to the album right now. The original date for the vinyl was going to be released on May 29th but due to unforeseen delays the package will not be available until June 4th. To compensate the fans for the delay, they have given us the Cancer for Cure digital album early and will allow others to order a vinyl package to download the release today also. There are three vinyl packages to choose from to get the digital download:

Vinyl Deluxe

(shipping June 4th): 2xLP Vinyl + Poster + Album Download

Vinyl Super Deluxe

(shipping June 4th): 4xLP Color Vinyl – SUPER LIMITED (Album is “Electric Blue”, Instrumental is “Blood Red”) + Poster + Album Download


PLEASE NOTE – (Shipping June 4th) Includes Both El-P Vinyl Super Deluxe and the El-P produced Killer Mike Vinyl Deluxe Package

That is all I got, time to get back to El-P – Cancer for Cure.

El-P - Cure for Cure: Album Art

Video Of The Moment! Part Se7en

I don’t know if Homeboy Sandman likes every song that I do or it is a stroke of good luck because he keeps releasing videos for my favorite songs off his albums. The latest creation from his album, Chimera is the moving video for the music, “Hold Your Head”. In the music video Homeboy Sandman tries to time travel to transform his life. It doesn’t work out the way he wants but he still holds his head up and delivers a message to his present self to not give up. If you are going through bad times this song is your motivation to stay up.

Directed by Mac Smullen
Shot by Max Blecker
Produced by Keith Haitkin
Wardrobe/Prop Design by Olivia Callender
Makeup by Sinead Kravitz

Incredible Katamari Hulk?

Found this nice piece of work by Fennewalde on DeviantArt called, “We :RAWR: Katamari”. It combines my favorite comic book character the Incredible Hulk with my favorite game Katamari Damacy. He uses pencil and photoshop to illustrate the Hulk going berserk in the Katamari world. Here is what the artist has to say about his work:

somewhere, deep within the deepest part of the Hulk’s subconscious, Bruce Banner is saying:
“Oh! Katamari!
I love Katamari!”

To see a larger image click on the image below.

We :RAWR: Katamari by ~Fennewalde on deviantART

Super Baked In A Cage

So I was listening to some of Cage’s previous albums and decided to do a little search on the internet to see what he is up to. Well I hit the jack pot because it seems like he will be dropping two EPs in the near future so he is dropping new joints on his SoundCloud page. All of the songs are jamming on there but the one that caught me the most was his song called, “Super Baked”. Producer FSTLANE gives Cage the perfect backdrop to infuse his haunting lyrics over and they blend perfectly. I can’t wait for the new albums and the new songs he will be leaking on his page. Check out, “Super Baked” below.