ESP Album Art: Yesh – The Day Dreamer Demos

So when DJ headpiece747 isn’t mixing or drinking his life away, he likes to design stuff. From the new design of the sight (site) or missing album art from his CD/MP3 collection. He has done art for several albums that I will filter through eventually. First up is the album art for the free download of Yesh’s The Day Dreamer Demos.

Yesh - The Day Dreamer Demos Album Art

Click on image for larger size (1425×1425)

Free Legal Music 14

I have made a post about Freebass 808 before but now it is time to experience the music for yourself. Freebass 808’s MoonBass EP takes the listener on a cosmic sonic ride to the moon with enough power to keep you there. All I can say is I have the song, “Love Eclipse” on repeat. Download it now so you can experience the ride too.

Freebass Moonbass Album Cover

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Party 2009: Photo Review

Coming back from another country and already back to my old ways. We attended The Peanut Butter & Jelly Party 2009 at the Loft on April 19. I found out about the event from and just had to go because it is rare to have Hip-Hop in Nashville, Tennesse. So here is my review on the event through photos.

This is the first thing I saw walking into the event. Also Syntax Records hosted the concert with most of the roster performing are on.
Syntax Logo

All the way to the top. These flyer arrows helped point us in the right direction.
Arrows Made Out Of Flyers

We arrived late so only got to see the last song performed by Scribbling Idiots but they were still getting the crowd crazy.
Scribbling Idiots On Stage

The lighting behind Scribbling Idiots enhances the show but they could do that with their energy alone.
Scribbling Lighting It Up

DJ Promote on the wheels of steel, putting in work for intermissions and performers.
DJ Promote On The Wheels Of Steel

How could it be a “Peanut Butter & Jelly Party” without the peanut butter and jelly, right. They served it all night with free milk and Rockstar energy drinks for backup.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Party For Real

Odd Thomas takes the stage…
Odd Thomas Takes The Stage

…and murders his set.
Odd Thomas

Propaganda has the crowd start with their hands in the air.
Propaganda One

Propaganda performance is so hype that the crowd keeps them up.Propaganda Fist

Kaboose grabs the mic and begins to make the crowd move.
Kaboose Grabs The Mic

Kaboose brings Royce 5’9″ with him but on screen in the same style as his album cover.
Royce 5'9" In Kaboose Style

Braille gets into his performance and makes the crowd follow.
Braille's Turn

Braille and Theory Hazit join forces to elevate the mood.
Braille & Theory Hazit

RedCloud delivers a stunning presentation with freestyles to spare.
RedCloud Performs

RedCloud and Kaboose compare mohawks.
RedCloud & Kaboose Mohawks

Overall the event was impressive and found some new artist to add to the music library. Here is the some of the free swag that was given away at the show and that’s it.
Free Swag

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: The End? Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: The End? Edition was engineered to forecast the impending hiatus. Saibot and DJ headpiece747 team up and join forces to deliver the best possible show as if it was their last. Half vinyl, half digital, and half drunk this will be the crowning achievement with a couple of nice surprises at the end.

  1. Quasimoto – Come On Feet Remix
  2. Masterminds – Seven featuring J-Treds, El-P, J-Live, Mr. Complex & Shabaam Sahdeeq
  3. Willie Mitchell – Groovin’
  4. Nicolay & Kay – When You Die
  5. Iller Than Theirs – To Be ILL
  6. Willie Evans Jr. – Rock Widdit
  7. Tha Liks – 40 Oz Quartet Part I
  8. Cypress Hill – Rap Superstar Instrumental
  9. Baron Ricks – Rags To Riches Instrumental
  10. J-Live – Once Upon A Mic
  11. Loer Velocity – A-Z
  12. The Crest – Kill ‘Em

DJ headpiece747 mixing essentials…
DJ headpiece747 mixing essentials
Disclaimer: Saibot and Ecliptic Sight Podcast are not associated with any artists or music played unless noted. All rights are reserved to the individual artist or artists. Support any songs or artists that you hear by picking up their album. Tracklisting at
ESP Logo

Do You Like To Hulu?

Have you learned to hulu yet? Well why not it is easy and the best part it is free. Full length movies and television shows like “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and “Heroes” right at your computer streaming 24 hours a day. They are still adding new content partners which equals more shows for the viewer. They also offer RSS feeds to keep up with new shows or movies and embedding content on other websites which allows me to give you this full Simpsons episode.

With 19 seasons, the Simpsons still have the magic with this “Departed” inspired show entitled the “Debarted”. I will not spoil the ending but it is classic observation.
Simpsons Departed