War Rock: The BF2 Killer?

So I stopped by one of my favorite sights for optimizing my pc, TweakGuides and low and behold sitting on the front page is this tagline: WarRock – A Free Battlefield 2 Alternative. I thought for free, a BF2 clone worth a shot, right. So I go to the sight at WarRock.net and register my information (but make sure you fill out everything because it will say your nickname is unavailable when it is available and other nag screens). Then I hit the free download button and it started to download. At this point I looked at the speed of the download and knew it would take awhile so I played some Quake 4 (download speeds are slow, so be patience). Once it finished I installed it I was on my way (be sure to restart Xfire so that it recognizes the game or you will not get all your hours logged like me). The game play is fantastic and it is remarkably close to BF2 but different enough to be its own game. One thing to note for people that do not read the key controls and jump in the game. The “F” key is the button for entering/exiting vehicles and for getting health and ammunition. You can run and double tap the “W” key for a quick dash. There are five characters to choose from and different weapons to select. Something that is original to the game in my opinion is the “Knuckles” weapon. What is the “Knuckles” weapon you ask? Well it is as the name implies two fist balled up and ready to swing. It is funny when you run up behind a camper and knock his block off. The sound effects are good too with everything pretty much sounding how they should. In War Rock there are also vehicles to control like tanks, hammers and motorcycles and their War rock sight states that planes and arbutus will be added later. The graphics on the game are pretty decent too but as an added bonus for people with low-end PC, they can still play with the minimum requirements only asking for a Pentium III 700mhz, 256mb, GeforceMX2 or better and Windows 98 or better. Now its time for me to break out my old CPU and use it for something again. Seriously though on high-end PCs there are shaders, textures and everything else to make it look beautiful. Hitboxes on War Rock in my opinion are better than some games I play and actually open for some fragging to happen. Remember this is a public beta so with that being said there are possible bugs or glitches but I have not experience them yet. So in conclusion is this the BF2 Killer that is in the tagline? It is free so go download it and found out for yourself.

Sight Search Added

Just added a search button to the left menu to make it easier to find articles and reviews from the sight. This is making everything so much easier like I posted before. I can’t believe how automated and user-friendly everything is. Here are the sights that helped with this and more: Digital Inspiration (for the search bar and placement), Technorati (for search bar code) and Blogger (for everything else).

Fuji F10 Camera and Half-Life 2 Model

Half-Life 2 Box Art

Just got my F10 in the mail and it is everything I expected and more. To your right you will see my first picture taken of my Half-Life 2 box looking shiny in black. I did that shot indoors with no flash and only my computer monitor for lighting. I can’t believe it can do that. I searched a long time for a digital camera and read many reviews. This one received the highest praises from reviewers and customers. I will not even try to attempt to review this camera yet because I’m still learning about it. If you would like to see the review that made me empty out my bank account, it is located at DCResource.com. This guy has tons of reviews of different digital cameras and a database with over 650 cameras with make and model, type of media and other things. With my F10 I will take pictures of everything I review to show you that I own and enjoy what I review. I will try to make the pictures artistic but come on I’m not a professional photographer. My Photoshop and graphic design skills may be needed to help out.

E3 and Me (My First Experience) Review Part 1

My E3 experience could not be summoned up in one word. It would probably fill up three thousand pages if I wrote out every little detail of days at the big event. To give you a picture of my mindset and excitement going into E3, I will have to give you a little bit of my video gamer background. I will also tell you how I got my pass into the show, some of the companies that were there and the video I shot.

I don’t think my mom even knows this but I will have to credit her with my first gaming experience. My mom would bring home her computer from work probably a Commodore, I don’t remember but the games were addicting. My first video game system was an Atari 2600 with a lot of great games like Commando and Pacman and one of the weirdest, nonsensical games ever invented: E.T. Wait that is getting a little negative lets turn it around. He was green if you had a color television back then that is positive, right! More quarters dropped in arcades than I could count back then. Fast forward to present day and a growing video game addiction and we come to my very first experience at E3.

Again special thanks to Clark Steel at Gamerave.com for the pass. When I received the pass I immediately got all three days off from both my jobs because I wanted to get the full experience. Next I had to get the requirements for E3 so I used my first job because they actually used to attend before I started working there. They would go for educational games but stopped for lack of educational games offered at the show. So I go to register a day before the event and had all the credentials from my company. I asked the lady at the desk if I had to use my company’s name or if I could use my website company. She said it would be fine to use the website name. So on my new shiny badge it said Tobias Henry, Game Consultant/Reviewer, EclipticSight.com. With my badge in had I was ready for the next day. Let me tell you I could not even sleep that night thinking of all the games I was going to see and play.

I picked the perfect time to attend E3 2005 because the next-gen consoles were going to be shown with the exception of the Nintendo Revolution. That was a big disappointment on their part. All the big players in the video game and computer industry were there from Sony, Microsoft, EA, Nintendo and a host of small and independent developers that I didn’t even know about.

I made sure to have my MiniDV camera in hand to record the event but later after reviewing the film, I found out most of it was pixelated with garbage on the screen and could not use it. I also took my PSP to E3 hoping to get demos or something but no luck. I do have a good story about my PSP and Nintendo for later. I got the capture below from the now retired MiniDV with my swag in all its greatness.

Redman: Dare Iz A Darkside Review Intro

The first music review of the Sight had to be Redman. Hands down the most charismatic character in Hip Hop. He has consistency coming out his pores. Think that is bad see how many times I use consistency in my review.

Honestly this review was written at the same time as the E3 review but I was waiting on a digital camera to take a picture of the CD. I wouldn’t have mind to take a picture of the jewel case and jacket but since I have had this CD since 1993 it looks like a dog has made it a chew toy. The crazy thing is the CD still plays and hardly has any scratches thanks to my over protective handling. Anyways enjoy.

CS:SS – Counter Strike: Source Surfer?

It is no secret that I am a CS:S addict but a Counter-Strike: Source Surf addict takes time and patience. Up until recently I had neither one for Surf maps. My first experience was not the perfect situation because first the map took a long time to load(I know that is due to server more than maps now.) up the Surf map. Then I get in the map and everyone starts to jump off the ledge on the ramps and it looks easy enough. So I load up my weapons and jump off pressing forward on my keyboard and fall off. So I check my stats and now I have a -1 Kill/Death ratio(if you played CS:S you know what this is, so go get it) and watch others do it with ease. So I load my weapons again but have the same result. So I start asking people on the server how do you stay on the ramps? The responses are as followed: “Stay on the ramp”, “learn how to surf” and my favorite, “LOL, noob.” I really think it is written some where that on Surf servers you can not help newcomers. So after that server I stayed away from Surf servers for a while but always wanted to learn. The way I eventually learned was through trial and error and playing with people that helped me out with little hints. So to help everyone who was like me before I have stumbled across this sight: How to Surf in Counter Strike Source – WikiHow. It has tons of information on Surfing, some that I didn’t even know and will make you a CS:S Surfer in no time. So now where is that elite Surf clan because I am ready to Surf now?!

E3 and Me (My First Experience)

First, I have to thank Clark Steel at Gamerave.com(seems the sight has not been updated for awhile) for giving me the tickets to go to E3. None of this would have been possible without him and his Sony PSP blog site. He actually gave me the ticket for free because he had guess passes and I meet the E3 requirements. I didn’t have to pay him or do some crazy contest he was just being a cool guy with out any hidden agenda in return. Had the time of my life at E3, check out the reviews to see why.

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